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10 Jun: Scrum in the Real World

Lets talk about Scrum. Not Scrum right out of the Scrum Guide, but Scrum in the real world. This won’t be a deep dive into textbook Scrum, but my experience

01 Sep: (UPDATED: 08/2020) PMP Application – How to Make it Not Suck

You excitedly submit your application for the PMP. Then…you are chosen for an audit.

Damn it.

11 Aug: (UPDATED – 8/2019) PMP Exam Prep: My Strategy and Study Plan

I got my PMP in November 2017 after 8 months of preparation. Through my own research I found that there are many professionals looking to take their career to new heights with a certification in project management. Many of which turn to google, forums and sub reddit’s for PMP exam strategies and study plans to help guide their preparation to become PMP certified…

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