Let us make the PMP application easier for you!

The PMP application process can be as stressful as the exam itself!  As you prepare for the PMP exam, the application shouldn’t add to your stress.

It’s recommended to prepare your application information ahead of time, prior to submitting the application on the PMI website.  However, we’ve heard the cries in the winds from PMP aspirants struggling to find an organized way to efficiently track their projects over the years.

So we created a solution for you.

(Check out this article for more info on the PMP application)

FREE PMP Application Template:  Save the hassle of building your own, and save the headaches
  • Sums the total months for all projects
  • Visually displays project timelines
  • Calculates the required months for you
  • Provides sample Project Descriptions that have been used & approved
  • And much more…

(Note: If you’re already a subscriber and want the template, just drop us an email at joey@yourpmsidekick.com, and we’ll send it ASAP)