Has your studying made you think:
  • “I’m reading material and not remembering it a day later”
  • “I’m getting different scores and its confusing”
  • “I just feel exhausted from studying and trying to learn everything”
  • “I don’t have a weekend life, can’t participate in anything, and if I go celebrate it takes away from studying”
  • “Every question seems to have four correct answers”
  • “It’s so hard to balance work, family and this course or exam”
  • “I’m terrified I’m going to be audited and fail”
  • “I’m finding it difficult to focus.  I’m trying to study but find myself all over the book”
  • “I’m so scared of not passing and having to continue these crazy study effortsl. I want my life back!”

Perhaps the issue is that you aren’t studying according to your study style!  Learn more below!

If you’re not sure what your study style is, take the quiz.

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  • And much more…

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